Weekend Rituals – Keeping The Mind And Body In Check

I have a very full life and people are always asking me how I keep up. Weekends are a time for me to get my sh*t back together after a (usually) mammoth week.

I have a few rituals I try to keep up to keep my body and mind happy and healthy…

Rest. I usually need to catch up on sleep. I may have one night out but I will try and let my body have all the sleep it needs without an alarm and go to bed at a reasonable hour. Heck, if I can, I may even nap!

Relax. This is something I’m not great at – I’m on the go 24/7. I try to grab a book or lie by the pool and do nothing. Sometimes I will watch a movie (through two other screens) or give my friends a call.

Rejuvenate. A weekly massage is a luxury but necessity for me. I relax (see above), and come out feeling much clearer and light. My body gets the stretching and kneading it needs, the knots all come out and I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I have a fave day spa, Thai Touch Massage in Newstead and as soon as I step in I feel cared for and ready to get my body back in order. The ladies there offer traditional thai massage and they know just where your sore points are and how to unlock the hidden muscles.

Revive. There’s nothing like a decent walk to get the blood pumping! I love the Kangaroo Point city loop which goes along South Bank and has stunning views of the city and the river. Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I talk on the phone and sometimes I just listen to what’s around me and feel happy and blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Replenish. Sometimes during the week I don’t eat right as I’ll be in a rush or forget to make my lunches etc – we’re all human. I love a fresh juice from the Main Street Bar & Eatery (they choose the flavours for me so I don’t have to think) and my other favourite thing is to get dumplings. I LOVE dumplings. I usually head to New Shanghai in the city for xiao long bao and my latest favourite, steamed pork and coriander. Pho is high on the list of comfort food and if I’m feeling particularly run down, The Vietnamese in the valley will be my first stop on a Friday night.

Revel. I love to have fun and sometimes that includes dinner out at a new restaurant, a nice cocktail lounge or a glass (or five) of champagne enjoyed with friends on the balcony.

Restore. Yoga!! Hot, sweaty power yoga! Occasionally a yin class. Love it and never get there as often as I would like. I go to Fusion Hot Yoga in Kangaroo Point and it’s sometimes 60 minutes of hell and sometimes it’s 60 minutes of pleasure but either way I feel a million bucks when I emerge a sweaty but happy and exhausted mess.

It’s funny, when I tell my Mum I’m having a quiet weekend and then explain what’s happening in my day.. she will nine times out of ten laugh at me and say ‘you call that quiet?!’ To me it really is though. Keeping up with the rituals above keeps me in check and at full performance for during the week.

What are your weekend rituals?


Thai Touch Massage & Day Spa – Newstead, Brisbane 

Remember how rainy and terrible the weather was on Saturday? Yeah. I did the best thing possible, I headed in to the new day spa in Newstead, Brisbane for some treatments!

Thai Touch Massage has beautiful, traditional decor, warm lighting and is very inviting. The lovely ladies make you feel very welcome and at home immediately. Just what you would expect from a luxury day spa, really!

I tried the Signature Thai Massage first. It was lovely and relaxing and I was stretched right out (almost like light yoga). I was left feeling totally loose and limber. Not to mention blissed out and relaxed. The girls definitely know what they’re doing.

I had the spa facial next. Talk about relaxing! I let the ladies look after everything while I enjoyed the pampering. Lovely Thai products, more massaging. The scalp massage has got to be one of my favourites. I always feel like going to sleep after!

I was left feeling like I was floating away on a cloud!

You should see the spa bath in the couples treatment room! I will certainly be back soon.

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