Touché Hombre, Melbourne

We visited Touche Hombre on Exhibition street in Melbourne for the chicken margaritas but alas, they are no longer. Lisa was heartbroken.

What even is a chicken margarita you ask? Well it’s a chicken shaped ceramic jug, filled with margarita! We still had margarita but without the chicken jug, not as good obviously. Still good, but it was no chicken margarita. It did have a dehydrated lime in there though, they dehydrate over 100 limes a week – quite impressive.

The guacamole was good and the ceviche was great. I’m always confused when a Mexican restaurant can’t nail their guac. The ceviche had a touch of watermelon which added a really sweet flavour to the citrus – quite different.

We ordered a bunch of tacos from our energetic and happy waiter, the kingfish, the pork and two chicken. The waiter went out of his way to find a spicy sauce for the boys and explain to them just how hot it would be. The chicken was the best taco, although in my opinion it wasn’t that great. The kingfish wasn’t well received and the pork was considered average too by all at our table.

The banter was uncouth and hilarious, the company fantastic and the service was excellent. If I returned it would be more for the atmosphere than the food.

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Mucho Mexicano, South Bank, Brisbane 

Opening weekend at Mucho Mexicano in South Bank, Brisbane. 

Short review: cocktails and entrees are good, tacos are average. 

Longer review: I tried the strawberry, guava and apple margarita to start, it was delicious. The salt on the edge of the glass was the perfect combo. 

The mucho chips were a crowd favourite, I’d love to know what the seasoning was. The corn chips with salsa and avocado was nice but nothing to call home about. 

The grilled corn entree was spectacular. It had a beautiful cheese on it. 

The bug tostadas were also delicious. 

The tacos though were very average. Lacking flavour and anything special. Quite bland. I tried the pork belly and the snapper, the beef wasn’t great either. 

Friends ordered the share tacos with the beef brisket, it was a massive serving and apparently very good. 

Shame ceviche wasn’t on the menu. 

They did have an awesome mariachi band though! The three amigos pumped out great tunes and created a fun atmosphere the entire time. 

Ps. If you’re reading this Mucho Mexicano, please sort out your google location. I can’t direct my uber there without it! 

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Bonita Bonita, Gold Coast

Seeing as our last trip together was Mexico, it was only right that Lauren, Nikita & I went to a Mexican joint for dinner.
Lauren chose Bonita Bonita in Mermaid for dinner and her boyfriend, Ben joined us.

We started with pea guac and corn chips. How the hell does a Mexican place run out of avocado? Makes no sense. Pea guac was average – skip it. We had ocean trout ceviche was was really nice with a citrus and coconut cream sauce and some super deep fried corn chips.

Nikita and I both started with Wet Pussys. Calm yourself, it’s a cocktail. And a beautiful cocktail at that. Coco tequila and who really cares what else – it was lovely and refreshing.

I ordered two tacos – one too many. At 9.50$ each they’re expensive in taco dollars but they are huge. I had the snapper and pulled pork. I was disappointed the snapper was deep fried and not grilled. It was still nice but not what I expected. The pulled pork had some crunchy crackling on top and was nice. I wouldn’t say either was amazing and they weren’t served with lemon or lime. Neither was my beer – I had two Sol beers and each time I had to ask for a lime. They knew what I was going to say.

Our waitress was not clued in on what was going on. She seemed endlessly confused. Thankfully we all received what we ordered.

Would I go back? Only for the ceviche. There’s a cool atmosphere and I’d like to try the bar next door (Bon Bon?) for more cocktails but there wasn’t anything above good or average. After work drinks and a snack perhaps. It has the potential to be a lot better.


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Arriba Grill, Morningside, Brisbane 

It’s a shame, as the customer service was wonderful but to get straight to the point, I could have made better at home.

When I walked in I was greeted like an old friend and told how to order – by filling in the piece of paper with all the options.

I chose a wholemeal burrito with beef and blackbeans, with lime rice, mild tomato salsa, cheese and lettuce. $13.50.

It was huge, and I was excited! But the reality was, the rice was flavourless and in clumps, the beef was average, the salsa was barely there and the lettuce was limp. Gag.

Has Guzman Y Gomez ruined Mexican for me? I adore their burritos but this was seriously average.

I’ll be driving further for my Mexican in future.


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Touche Hombre, Melbourne CBD

I was lucky enough to meet up with two friends from my very first USA trip at Touche Hombre. Lucky in two aspects, great venue and great company!

It was funny, I had never heard of the place and within about three days I heard it mentioned as many times!

You walk in and you know you’ve found something awesome. The DJ booth is blasting some mad tunes, a mix of RnB and rap, I remember Bone Thugs N’ Harmony at one point. The venue is packed, there’s a bunch of share tables and people are trying to squish in wherever they can. Really cool, intimate vibe.

We shared most of our plates, starting with the corn. Charred with lime, pecorino, mayo.. heaven in a little bowl. I love corn so I guess I’m almost bias but seriously, this stuff is great.

I’m going to be honest and say the ceviche wasn’t all I was hoping for. I’ve been spoilt in Canada and the states with this though so I’m going to let it slide as I was just as impressed to even see it on the menu.

Next up: soft shell tacos. I’m about to start drooling. I went for the soft shell crab (battered, corn puree, pea tendril, popcorn) and the Haloumi (crumbed, beetroot mayo, caramelised pear salsa) and may I tell you, if my meal had finished there I would have been full and happy. Delish!

Next up, meatballs. Yup, I was dining with a man. Men will always order meatballs. They love the…. meatiness. They came in a adobo salsa, soft polenta, mint and cilantro oil… they were pretty good.

Of course we shared a bucket of 6 Sol beers between us, it was only right! We were practically in Mexico after all.





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