Or rather, my Vancouver Anniversary, three months!

Really doesn’t feel like I have been here three months. But then again I have accomplished a fair bit. I got a job, moved once (soon to be twice) and have found some pretty awesome people to surround myself with.

I’ve also travelled around a few places. Which is good as that’s the main reason I moved over here, other than to experience living in a new country that wasn’t Australia or NZ. Which, let’s be honest, are very similar. Funnily enough though, Canada is also very similar.

I’ve been to Lake Louise, Banff, Calgary, Kelowna (x2), Penticton, Portland and Seattle. Two states in Canada and three in USA. So many more to see though!

Whistler is up next weekend. Can’t wait for the first ever Whistler Beer Festival!

Following that I have a trip to Vegas on 17 October. Got tickets to NBA – Yeewwww! Then I want to get to Vancouver Island, Mexico (one of those cheap all inclusive resort deals, hello cocktails on the beach, dancing and hot men), Quebec, Toronto, Montreal, New York (again, yes I love that place), Miami & a cruise (yep, again, can’t beat it) and maybe New Orleans. Prob some other random places thrown in that friends are going to and I get FOMO over. I have huge FOMO. Fear of missing out.

Anyway before I blab on and on about travelling more, back to my Vancouver-iversary. I should really celebrate. But I’m trying to have a quiet weekend. Yup me. Quiet. I know what you’re thinking, and I’m not about to go making any bets that I won’t end up going out. Let’s put it that way.

9 more months left on my visa for Canada, interested to see what’s in store!


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