NYC Day Two

I got up and attempted to get raffle tickets to Wicked – no luck so over to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) to see what all the fuss was about.

Hotdog for breakfast though!

Awesome museum! Loved looking at all the artists that I studied at school, massive collection, six floors. Some art looked like a 4yr old did it, others just mind blowing.

Security came up to me while I was staring at a Picasso. He said ‘do you like this picture?’ I replied that Picasso is incredible. He replied, ‘I have the greatest job. The most beautiful people in the world, come to look at the most beautiful art in the world.’ He winked and walked away. I blushed. Smooth buddy? Real smooth!

I bought Lion King tickets and wandered around time square.

John messaged me to join him to watch the NFL semi finals in New Jersey. I managed to catch a bus there all on my own. Was quite proud.

It was just a local bar but full with people and energy. I grabbed some good and drank ciders all night. Love watching people get so involved!

I managed to have my old passport drop out of my back pocket with my lion king tickets – couldn’t find it anywhere but no biggie as it wasn’t my actual passport and tickets are replaceable!20140122-180843.jpg20140122-180900.jpg20140122-180916.jpg20140122-180936.jpg













NYC Day 1

NYC Day 1

I left Vancouver early and when I arrived at the airport discovered that even though my destination was international I was flying domestic and therefore hasn’t needed to get up at stupid o’clock.

I thought I had a seat to myself however old mate showed up as the last person on the plane. Turned out old mate was actually really nice. His name was Chimmy and he’s a doctor. We chatted and laughed most of the way to Montreal.

I flew into La Guardia via Montreal. I nearly missed the connection. We had 40mins to run to the other side of the airport, clear security, clear customs and RUN to the gate as they called that our boarding was closed! Made it. Just. And I had an empty seat next to me. Score!

We had to go into a de-freezing bay leaving and they sprayed out wings with anti spray. I’ve never had that before.

Flying out was a blanket of white. Everything frozen.

La Guardia was much more pleasant to fly to than JFK and I was at John’s place within 25mins of landing! My bag came out first, grabbed the first cab – $35 to midtown, jumped in the shower, got dressed and met Troy and his friend downstairs.

We ended up at an Irish pub for dinner and I had an amazing burger.

Afterwards Troy’s friend went home and we went to the Empire State Building where he works with my friend John so he could get changed. I wrote Kiwi and Straya on all the blackboards.

We left there and went to Flat Iron where we had cocktails and live music at the Flat Iron Room. I was entranced.

Home by 1am so I could actually see some of NYC on this trip, not just the bars!








Eataly New York


Wow, wow, wow!

I’m in love. I want to live there.

My friend Amanda told me about Eataly so I made an effort to get there after hearing her praise. Now I understand why.

Eataly is like an Italian gourmet market teamed with restaurants. It’s a large space bustling with people.

John and I went for lunch, we chose ‘La Piscene’ the seafood area. We ordered the razor clams with garlic & chilli, the steamed mussels in a pumpkin broth with roasted pumpkin and a plate of fish, prawns and calamari flash fried.

Bread was served as a starter in brown paper with a plate of olive oil. I chose a sparkling lemon drink – Italian of course.

It was all delicious!!!! My only small complaint is that the clams were a little gritty.

After lunch I wandered around, I didn’t want to leave! I bought some chocolates, I had to!

I only took a few pics and they don’t so any justice, go and see it for yourself! You’ll find them at 200 fifth avenue, NYC.

I promise you won’t be disappointed.
















Eataly on Urbanspoon

Buca di Beppo NYC

I was really feeling like a caprese salad, Buca had a pic of it on the door. Done.

When I got up to the third floor I found out that it was happy hour ad everything was $3-$6, perfect!

I ordered a mini pizza and the caprese salad, my bill was less than $8! The waitress was very chatty and had a few suggestions for places to visit, local knowledge is always fantastic.

Bucca is just off Times Square on 1540 Broadway, New York.





Buca di Beppo on Urbanspoon

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