Penticton Road Trip Day 4

The best way to wake up? Swim out to a pontoon in the middle of Okanagan Lake and jump in!

We woke early, headed to a lakeside cafe fror breakfast and then a swim. Hilariously a boat had driven on top of the pier during the night!

Unfortunately it was my last day in Penticton but we did one of my favourite things! Tubing the channel.

$10 gets you a tube hire and bus back. It takes about 2 hours to float down and is completely relaxing. The current is pretty swift, the river is wide and cute ducks come out of the reeds to greet you.

If I went again, I would bring some rope to tie all the tubes together and a bucket of drinks to get the party going on the way down.

Trip home flew by and before we knew it we were back in Vancouver.

Another Road Trip done, now to plan the next one…






Penticton Road Trip Day 3

We woke up early and headed straight to Kelowna – I was super excited to get on the Sea Doo! We had grabbed a Groupon – only $38 for a 1hour ride.

I was up first, I was pretty nervous as I hadn’t driven one for years but I couldn’t help but put my thumb flat on the throttle – I got told off for going too fast before the buoys. With Merica on the back we cruised out past them and then I put my thumb down. It is the best feeling flying through the air on the water. Shame I couldn’t go faster really but we had a blast.

Next up we met up with Gerado’s friend Veronica at Earls and enjoyed a nice, leisurely lunch.

We drove out to the water centre – there were water slides (yes we all went down them) huge pools, hot tubs and a wave pool. Funniest thing ever watching them all fall over trying to shred. I couldn’t do it as my bikini bottoms were so loose.

On the way back to Penticton we stopped at two wineries to enjoy the region’s offerings! So glad we did. The first one was an organic winery and had four free tastings. I love the Garden Lord there, he was gorgeous.

The next winery, Cedar Creek, had four tastings for $3. I preferred their wine. Their dessert wine ‘M’ was incredible. Although I don’t usually like rieslings I ended up buying a bottle of theirs. Stunning setting too.














The Bench, Penticton

Such a quaint little cafe with a beautiful outdoor patio, fantastic food and funky gifts.

Merica and I shared our meals, the bacon & egger and the yogurt with granola – both were delicious. I actually expected the bacon & egger to just be normal bacon and eggs so I had a surprise when they bought out an english muffin!

I also got a yummy take away almond cherry & chocolate cookie mmm

Cute place to brunch in the sun.







The Bench Market on Urbanspoon

Penticton Road Trip Day 2

We headed straight out for breakfast (brunch) at this wonderfully quaint little cafe called The Bench.

The Okanagan Lake was calling out name so we lazed around in the sun for a few hours, played on the floaties and raced each other out to the further eat buoys. Arms were killing me!

I found a testy aren’t on Urbanspoon nearby called Cambo’s that had a decent menu, that was lunch. At about 3pm. Shrimp avocado boats & Gyoza with mojito. Not bad.

W wanted to float down the channel so we driver back to the hotel however we ended up having a 45min nap before we walked down to there, we were 10mins too late! They sent the last ones down at 4.50pm. Hope we get to do it tomorrow.

We drove out to an orchard, The trail Store – awesome place! It was like a comedy plus fruit picking! The owner was hilarious, joking away and the cherries were so juicy and yummy.

There’s a well known sweet and ice cream store called Tickleberries that we went to check out, amazing store. Gifts, lollies, fudge and ice cream. I bought a delicious hunk of black cherry fudge, it tasted like almond mmm. They had a maple walnut lactose free ice cream so I gave that a whirl – also delish but my tummy was still a little funny…

Melody felt like BBQ so we ventured up 30mins into the hills to find a restaurant she had heard of. Just past Lost Moose Lodge we found it but it was closed for business.

Safeway ended up being out only choice – most places were shut. Merica & I shared a Greek salad and BBQ chicken.

Early morning tomorrow to get to the Sea Doos in Kelowna!






















Penticton Road Trip Day 1

To be honest I didn’t even know where we were going, I just agreed to a Road Trip! I knew it was somewhere in the Okanagan vicinity, I hadn’t been that way so it was an easy way to pass a few days.

I met Merica at the Sky Train and we headed off to meet Melody & Gerardo to start the trip.

It’s a pretty drive, we mostly just listened to music and discussed the differences between our countries.

At some point Gerardo realised we were fast running out of petrol and were no where near a town! They panicked a bit and turned off the AC & phone chargers. Personally I thought us trekking around to fun petrol would make a hilarious story! Anyway we made it to Meriton just in time.

Now, just to reiterate, I need food regularly. Like every 3hours or so max. I snack all day. I’m almost like a gremlin, if I’m not fed I get grumpy. So at this point I said, are we stopping in Penticton for dinner or should I grab something at the gas station? They said we would get something there, we were only 40mins or so away.

About 40mins later Gerardo asked where Kentucky Lake was in relation to us. I had a google and saw that Penticton seemed to be in the opposite direction. They checked their maps and somewhere along the way we had taken a wrong turn & were now 40mins in the opposite direction. This adding another 80mins to our trip. I was already starving so you can imagine my demise!

Eventually we got to our hotel about about 9.30pm. I was starving!!

Denny’s was the only restaurant open so I had no choice. Lucky my chicken, cranberry, candied pecan and apple salad wasn’t too bad!




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