Now I know why everyone in Vancouver wears gumboots.

My morning has been hilariously unfortunate.

It actually started last night. There was no hot water for my shower. A little pissed off I retired to bed happy in the thought that I would have one in the morning. WRONG. No hot water this morning either.

So without a proper shower I ran around and got ready. Took a bite of my home made bran muffin only to find it was now mouldy. Lucky I have avo on toast to compensate.

Then I walked to the bus. I knew it was raining but I couldn’t tell quite how bad from my 18th floor apartment. It was pissing down. It’s a 10min walk to the bus. By the time I got there I was saturated. My pants were sticking to my legs, my butt was wet from my umbrella dripping on it… I was a mess. It was in this moment that I realised why all Vancouver-ites wear gumboots.

It was also in said moment that in my no-hot-water-mouldy-muffin rush that I realised that while I had grabbed my handbag, I hadn’t grabbed my purse. With my money. And my bus card. And the rest of my most needed possessions in life. I actually laughed out loud at my calamity. I talked my way on the bus and was pondering how I would buy lunch, get home, pay for the docs this arvo etc when I found a card – HALLELUJAH – I could now buy lunch and go to the docs and use transport.

To celebrate I bought a regular almond chai latte. I don’t know what they think regular is but this was regular size for a four year old. And still $4.20. Unimpressed but amused I wandered to work and now I sit here wondering how the rest of my day will pan out…





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