Richmond Night Market – Foodie Heaven

I love the Richmond Night Market! From the amazing food, Asian nicknacks to the ‘interesting’ performances there’s everything I need to keep me happy for an evening.

I’ve been twice now, just a 20min ride from the Yaletown station, 2 block walk then $2 at the door and you’re ready to rumble!

Food wise, it’s a dream come true. Delicious plates with small portions and smaller prices. You can eat a huge variety of everything. Thank God as its hard enough to choose knowing I can fit in only 5 plates as it is!

There’s stalls upon stalls on mobile cases, accessories and chargers. There’s onesies, fake jewellery, Hello Kitty, scarves, bags, glowing items – most things you can think of from an Asian marketplace are there.

Then there’s the entertainment… Interesting is the word I’d use. Put it this way, I’ve never sat down to watch a show but I’m sure plenty of people enjoy it…

So without further adieu my top food picks:
– BBQ’d fresh squid. I love.
– Choc dipped (sprayed) strawberries. Quality of the Choc is average at best but it’s a fun novelty to spray them yourself.
– The spiral potatoes. The name evades me right now and again it’s more for the novelty here. Maybe mine was over seasoned.
– Bacon wrapped asparagus skewers
– Pork dim sims on a stick
– Steamed pork buns
– Chow mein
– Japanese dessert crepes
– Slovakian pastry filled with Nutella and rolled in cinnamon sugar
– Bubble tea
– Mango & coconut smoothie
– Ramen

I could go on but they’re the best ones I’ve had and they’re all between $3.50 & $6! Take a friend and share to try as much goodness as you can, but they close on the 14th so get there this weekend!
















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