An afternoon ‘run’

I just LOVE running around Stanley Park.

And by running, I mean attempting to run.

I don’t really know how you see. I’ve never played sports or ran for fun so I find it quite difficult. I tend to sprint – one I’m pretty fast and two I’m impatient so want to get there faster. Either way I’m out of breath pretty fast – thanks to asthma which has risen it’s annoying little head since I’ve moved here.

Anyway the other thing I find hard is concentrating on running. I’m running then next thing I’m taking a picture. Or I’m tweeting. Or instagramming said picture. Or sending said picture to my friends to show how beautiful it is. I work in digital marketing so capturing moments and beauty is second nature to me, I don’t even realise I’ve done it.

Today I managed to ‘run’ for an hour, I was pretty pleased with that. I also managed to capture lots of the stunning scenery in Stanley Park. It’s just so beautiful in there. I always forget how nice it is and take living next to it for granted.

So without further adieu, my ‘run’ in pictures…











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