Victoria Day 3

Day three was a bit of a whirl.

We got up, had breaky and checked out, heading straight to Galey Farm to go pumpkin picking.

We don’t have this tradition at home and it was a bunch of fun! Even if I was one of the only child-less adult.

The paddock is gorgeous, a photographers dream. I’m not a photographer by any means and I still had a great time taking photos there!

I managed to loose my expensive sunnies too. In a paddock of pumpkins. Thought they were gone for good! But we retraced our steps and Carso spotted them gleaming in the sun! Yay!

Next up the Butchart Gardens. They really are very beautiful, although 53$ for the both of us seemed quite steep. I can imagine there would be a lot of upkeep hence the expense but it felt like a lot to pay to see flowers and bushes. That aside, it is a stunning place. I would still go again. Pictures do it better justice than I can!

Back in the city we went for lunch. Want to piss me off? Make me wait an hour for my lunch when I’m starving with no warning of the wait then serve my meal Luke-warm. I was not a happy chappy. In the end the restaurant gave us half price off all our food which I thought was a fair outcome.

However it left us with only 40mins to spend in downtown Vancouver. We rushed over to buy fudge and check out the government buildings in daylight.

Just about had the rental car back at the depot when we realised we hadn’t fueled up and the nearest gas station was 4kms away. We rushed there, filled up and rushed back to drop it off in time and to get to the ferry to come back!

I dozed most of the way home. I made a short trip to the gift shop, spent ages choosing a book then when I went to pay they wouldn’t take my debit card – only credit or cash. Stubborn as I am I just walked out. I’ll buy the book somewhere else.

Awesome weekend in Victoria, can’t wait to go back and explore more!























Victoria Day 2

After our big night out we took it easy on Sunday. Slept in, just made it to breakfast then lazed around the beautiful grounds a bit at the hotel, the English Inn.

Around midday we jumped in the car and headed out towards Sooke. Blink and you miss it. It had been suggested to us as a day trip but there really wasn’t much there. Didn’t matter, we were happy exploring anyway. We kept driving and hope to find a cute cafe to ease our hunger.

We came across a sign, ‘Point No Point’ and decided to pull in for a photo. Little did we know we had just stumbled across a gorgeous resort in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception.

Cute cafe doesn’t cut it. It has an incredible view, there’s binoculars on the table to soak it all in and to keep an eye out for a passing whale.

After breakfast we explored the amazing walkways and got happily lost. I’ll do another blog just for it, was an awesome spontaneous afternoon.

We headed out towards Port Renfrew but turned around after realising just how far away it was and seeing the roads getting windier and narrower.

Stopping for coffees as we were exhausted, we had a good but sleepy drive home and collapsed on the bed back at the hotel.

After attempting to nap we want back into town for dinner. We decide on having a dozen oysters each then grabbing some Japanese, preferably an udon noodle soup on the way back. Except after the oysters everything was shut! We wandered around looking for Japanese and Vietnamese but gave up after about 4 closed places and calls to to others.

Disappointed, well I was anyway – Carso was full, we had an early night ready for another big day Monday!

Oh I forgot! We went to look at the government houses, they looked like Disney Land but not as much fun, I’m sure!













Victoria Day 1

After the bus ride then the ferry ride then the bus ride and a potential 3rd bus ride we popped into Budget to see how much it would be to hire a car for a day. We walked out with one for 3 days – our entire trip! We managed to talk the guy into giving us the car at $45 per day for only 2 days cost as 15% off and a vehicle upgrade – cheers mate!

So we jumped in our Malibu and drove off. We just aimlessly drove around the city. It’s a great way to get orientated and I enjoy getting lost every now and then.

Realising our phones would die we headed to our hotel, the English Inn. Carso had booked the hotel and it was beyond our expectations!

It’s a Tudor style manor with a replication of Anne Hathaways little house. It’s all mahogany wood and elegant touches. Warm fire places and blocks of units.

After a nice little nap we got up and went into town for dinner and drinks. We were supposed to meet a friend at the Strathcona so had dinner there. Average would be flattering. Next up was some beverages and we ended up at Darcy’s Pub. I haven’t seen that many hot men in one room in a longtime. I may even move here! Haha.

We met some great people and danced the night aware. If I’m honest I spent most of my night ogling the beautiful scenery… And they say men are perverts!

Outside the bar I met a guy who thought he was fat. The poor guy wasn’t at all but his mates had been teasing him. He was pretty upset. He then literally fell on his head. I’m not quite sure how, it’s pretty difficult from a standing position. He then started balling his eyes out – poor kid, I was trying to console him and a kind police man came over to take him home. Hope he feels better today, albeit with a sore head.

Stumbled in the door at 4am mad that McDonalds was only selling breakfast. Cheeseburgers are the only appropriate food at that time.

Day one, a success!









Or rather, my Vancouver Anniversary, three months!

Really doesn’t feel like I have been here three months. But then again I have accomplished a fair bit. I got a job, moved once (soon to be twice) and have found some pretty awesome people to surround myself with.

I’ve also travelled around a few places. Which is good as that’s the main reason I moved over here, other than to experience living in a new country that wasn’t Australia or NZ. Which, let’s be honest, are very similar. Funnily enough though, Canada is also very similar.

I’ve been to Lake Louise, Banff, Calgary, Kelowna (x2), Penticton, Portland and Seattle. Two states in Canada and three in USA. So many more to see though!

Whistler is up next weekend. Can’t wait for the first ever Whistler Beer Festival!

Following that I have a trip to Vegas on 17 October. Got tickets to NBA – Yeewwww! Then I want to get to Vancouver Island, Mexico (one of those cheap all inclusive resort deals, hello cocktails on the beach, dancing and hot men), Quebec, Toronto, Montreal, New York (again, yes I love that place), Miami & a cruise (yep, again, can’t beat it) and maybe New Orleans. Prob some other random places thrown in that friends are going to and I get FOMO over. I have huge FOMO. Fear of missing out.

Anyway before I blab on and on about travelling more, back to my Vancouver-iversary. I should really celebrate. But I’m trying to have a quiet weekend. Yup me. Quiet. I know what you’re thinking, and I’m not about to go making any bets that I won’t end up going out. Let’s put it that way.

9 more months left on my visa for Canada, interested to see what’s in store!


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