Than Nuong – Woolloongabba’s New Vietnamese Restaurant

I LOVE Vietnamese. I’m a pho addict, so no surprises that when I found out Than Nuong Vietnamese restaurant opened up in Woolloongabba right by my work, I quickly locked in a lunch date with my colleagues to check it out.

You can smell the restaurant before you get there, the beautiful charcoal smell wafts around. Than Nuong translates to ‘Charcoal’. There’s a great outdoor area which will be perfect with a beer in Summer for lunch too.

We shared the prawn rice paper rolls and soft shall crab to begin. Both were fantastic. The soft shell crab was complimented by the fresh herbs and vegetables and the rice paper rolls were classic Viet-goodness.

I had food envy over my colleague’s dish, the prawn and papaya salad. It looked phenomenal and she said it tasted amazing. My other colleague loved her chilli, coriander pork pork salad, it looked really fresh.

No surprises for what I ordered, the pho! I love pho! I had the medium size and it was still very generous, particularly with the fresh ingredients to put on top and there was a generous serving of meat too. The broth was lovley, a few hints of spices that were subtly different. The noodles weren’t what I expected, still rice noodles but thick ones. I asked if it was a regional thing but the owner said it was just a preference of his. I quickly forgot about that and it was devoured it!

I’d like to go in for dinner and try something that really showcases the charcoal flavour on the meat, it smells supreme!

While this dining experience was complimentary, this review is true and authentic.

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Good Unassuming Vietnamese. An Cafe, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

I stumbled across this little Vietnamese Cafe a while ago. Funny thing is, I drive past it on the way to work everyday!

It’s a very unassuming cafe, as often Vietnamese places can be. It’s in Kangaroo Point, near the KFC on the same side of the road. There’s parking at the back too which is convenient.

We shared vegetable spring rolls to start – yumm! They were very generous portions and full of flavour. They were so big that I actually only had one so that I could enjoy my pho too.

I’ve visited An Cafe before and the pho was great then too. My only issue then was that the meat had quite a bit of gristle in it which I didn’t enjoy. This meal too, the pho was great (rich broth, good side portions and noodle texture) but the meat was gristly. I left half of the beef behind.

I also had a green juice to try and stay healthy, I needed a bit of pep and it worked!

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Best Vietnamese Fusion in Honolulu – Piggy Smalls

Enter Piggy Smalls on Ala Moana Blvd in Honolulu, a funky and busy restaurant serving Vietnamese fusion, different to anything you’ve tried before.

Their cocktail list is refreshingly different, a range of mature cocktails, twists on classics but not the sugary cliche types that you will find in Waikiki.

The menu is short but sweet. I like it that way, less to deliberate over. It’s heavy on the fusion, the meals are unique and it’s still difficult to chose which to go for!

I cheated slightly, I must admit. The guys next to me ordered before us and their food came out looking AMAZING so I made my choice on that.

To start with we had LFC twice fried chicken wings and crispy umami potatoes. Get both of them. No questions. Happy times.

Next we shared the Weekend At Burmese Salad, it was amazing!! First of all, it comes out, perfectly portioned and separated. Then the waiter mixes it in front of you and explains the dish, to which I can do no justice. Check out the pics, it was refreshing, crispy and fresh. Great cleanser to start the entrees.

My biggest decision was over the pho French dip and the Manila clams and the black truffle and sausage tagliatelle. Right here are two of my favourite flavours. Pho, and truffle. Two of my favourite textures. Pasta and soup. It was a hard choice! But like I said, my neighbour settled it and although I had FOMO, the black truffle and sausage tagliatelle won out.

And boy am I glad it did!!! The pasta was perfectly al dente, the truffle heavy enough to be tasted but not overbearing, the house made duck sausage (OMG) a fantastic flavour to compliment the sofrito, kale and parmesan. I smashed the whole plate. Even after all those starters, I went to town on that dish!!!!! And I would again too.

Piggy Smalls was an excellent find, not too far outside Waikiki too if you’re visiting. Just grab an uber and have a happy tummy!

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Pho-nomenal Vietnamese Eats

Soooo…. did I mention I was going to Vietnam?? Probably not. I only booked about ten days before I left.

Pho-nomenal Vietnamese eats – get it? Pho… I have been making ridiculous puns ever since I got here – it’s mainly to distract from the fact that I am eating a stupid amount of pho, but hey! Who’s watching?! Good pho you…

I generally start my day with pho – it’s a breakfast / any time of the day meal here. I’m an addict. I love it! Rare pho bo (beef) is my happy place. The herbs are so fragrant and flavoursome here it makes it all the better. The beef can be a little touch and go though…

Pho costs approx… $3AUD. Yeahhh that’s a great deal. I’ve spent next to nothing on food since I arrived six days or so ago.

So I’ve been trying to branch out and eat some other Vietnamese food. Banh Mi was next on the list. I found a great place in District 2 in Ho Chi Minh and had devoured the crispy baguette with bbq pork and salad – ommm. They had just swept the floor – I stood up and crumbs flew everywhere!!! Haha – sorry Banh Mi 365 Team!

Today I tried a duck and bamboo soup with vermicelli for breakfast at Costa Seafood in Nha Trang, it was pretty good – I love the bamboo. Didn’t really eat the duck.

What’s your favourite Vietnamese food? What should I try? I’ve had some comments on Instagram and apparently Banh Cuon Nong (rice pancakes with pork & mushroom insides) and Bun Cha are delicious. I’m having trouble finding them in Nha Trang so will have to be back in Saigon.

Ho Chi Minh is up next – let me know your favourite dishes and restaurants to chase!

The Vietnamese, Fortitude Valley

Hungover? Pho is the answer.

Actually it’s the answer to most things if you’re asking my opinion.

I dragged my Flatty, David to The Vietnamese in Fortitude Valley to fulfill my pho craving for lunch today.

Pho is like the ultimate comfort food. It warms you up, makes you feel happy and content.

We sat down and I ordered without even opening the menu – the food came out pretty quickly, hot and delicious.

Beautiful broth and tender rare beef (so often it is overlooked elsewhere) – it made me so happy. I, of course, ate too much though and could have practically rolled home. Instead I settled for a 2 hour nap. Perfect!

I had tried to visit The Vietnamese on Friday night but the staff advised me it would be a better idea to come in another time as there was an hour wait in the kitchen – I was thankful for their transparency.

The atmosphere and interior may not be much but the quality of the food is high and the prices cheap. New local pho spot pho (pronounced fur) sure! See what I did there?!

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Sunrise Vietnamese, Mt Gravatt, Brisbane

I wasn’t sure if i was in an RnB club or at a restaurant, the tunes were blasting out of the empty space.
I dined in alone, I was ravenous after the usual wait to see the tax agent. It really did remind me of being in Vietnam – they were always playing loud music while wandering around so relaxed.

My pho was nice, the broth could have been a bit stronger but that’s me being picky – I love my pho.

I can’t say it’s a new favourite but it was good.

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