Aussie Day on Rottnest Island, WA

A 45minute boat ride out of Fremantle on the Rottnest Express takes you out to an island paradise.
We made the trip for Australia Day, it was scorching hot (about 38 degrees) and we were ready to explore! 

There’s a bus and a train that takes you around the island (no cars other than service vehicles) but we decided to take the active way – cycling! For $45 from Peddle and Flippers you choose a bike and load up with a pair of flippers and get set to take off. 

We chose to go out around to Little Salmon Bay, up to the lighthouse, over to the Basin and back into the centre to return the bikes. All up, around 12kms, not that far. Damn, it was tough going in that heat though! The island isn’t flat, there’s lolling hills and you definitely get your heart rate up. Not to mention the lack of shade and you sure as hell better have packed a tonne of water, there’s not many refill spots along the way. 

There’s scenic points around most bends, we were constantly stopping to capture the beauty. The coastline is crystal clear in hues of blues and turquoise and full of the outlines of coral. Boats are scattered everywhere and the ‘good spots’, ie any with shade, were all taken early. The land itself is dry, lots of bracken and brownish shrubbery. 

We spent most of the day at Little Salmon Bay. Luckily an open cave had been vacated and we took to the shade as fast as we could, hot and sweaty from the cycling and sunshine. Gemma had made us a lovely picnic lunch, fresh salmon salads and veggies with beetroot hummus dip. Oh and vodka and coconut water – it was Australia Day after all! 

The snorkelling out from the bay exceeded my expectations. There were plenty of fish, large and small of many different varieties. I even found some bright purple coral and a huge crayfish going for a wander!   

I know what you’re all thinking. The Quokkas! Tell us about the Quokkas! 

They completely live up to their reputation as one of the happiest creatures in the world. They’re incredibly cute and friendly. We first came across some on the way to the lighthouse, they were lethargic and lying under a tree. With a shake of the water bottle they were our and eager for hydration! We tried to just feed them from the water bottle cap but their thirst wasn’t quenched and the bigger one was straight into the bottle! He’d definitely done that before. He latched on and drank like a baby, happy as can be, selfishly pushing his smaller mate out of the way. Once they were both suitably hydrated the selfie show began. We took sooo many pics with the cute balls of fluff! They kind of look like a wallaby crossed with a happy rat… it’s hard to explain and doesn’t do them justice so just look at the pictures! 

The pink salt lakes were a pleasant surprise, we weren’t sure what they are at first, an epic pink landscape appearing around the hill. 

We made it to the Basin to cool off with another swim then went back to town, dropped off our gear and went to the Hotel to listen to the last of the Triple J Autralia Day Top 100 countdown with some beers and prawns. 

Awesome day out, add it to your bucket list!

Seattle Roadie Day 2

Waking up early I planned on fruit for breakfast but that went out the window as soon as I saw the waffles!

Straight to Pike Market or Public Markets – I was amazed at how great they were! The atmosphere at the seafood stand is awesome. They all shout and chant but the coolest thing is when they throw the fish! Our friend Jay even got to catch one.

There’s food galore, gifts, knick knacks and gorgeous bunches of flowers for $5 – $10! The seafood is incredible. MASSIVE scallops, sooo much salmon and juicy prawns, mussels yummm my mouth is watering. I could have just watched for hours.

You can find the original Starbucks there too, you’ll also find a HUGE line out the front of it. You’d never know it was the same as every other Starbucks.

We did the underground Seattle tour ($17) which while was quite interesting, wasn’t as good as I expected. By the end of it I was incredibly hungry. Nothing new, I know.

We went to the waterfront for lunch. I devoured half a dozen oysters but they were tiny – like barely a taste and they’re gone. Shame at $13 – I guess we are spoilt in NZ.

My pier smoked salmon was yum though and the warm bread melted in my mouth.

Shopping was up next! Three of us ended up having our makeup done at MAC. At only $50 redeemable on makeup it was worth it as I spent about double that so having my face done was a bonus really. Picked up my fave Chanel mascara and I was good to go!

We couldn’t find the girls at the car so we did the only logical thing we could really and grabbed a bevy across the road at the pub so we could monitor their return. Phones are on roaming in USA unfortunately.

I picked up a 6 pack of cider and we all spent far too long getting ready to go out. I nearly fell asleep. I devoured some good Chinese in the process though.

In the end Tahlia drove, as there were no cabs and she’d hardly been drinking. We got lost going there then couldn’t find the Capitol Hill area where are the nightlife was supposed to be. Finally found it, parked, then couldn’t get in anywhere. Turns out we needed our passports – which I should have known.

We headed home (after getting lost trying to get out) only to find the maccas was shut. Noooo! Denny’s was our only other option. We would have waited there about 40mins for takeaway. It was terrible service and disgusting food.

Even though we never made it out we weren’t in bed until 3am. Eventful day.























Seattle Roadie

Four girls, one car or #4girls1car as you’ll find it on social media.

My trip started with a crazy experience. I was about to call a cab and overheard a lady on the phone calling a cab. Asked her for cab phone number. She said ‘where are you going?’ I told her, she said ‘that’s on my way come with me.’ So I did – she was so interesting. She had just returned from a month in India, she has been there 5 times and stays in the ashram – she loves it! She was wearing all her stuff from there. It was a rather random 15 mins and start to the trip!

At the car hire place (Budget car rental, only $445 for four days) the girls were reading and roaring to go – and they’d bought snacks! I love snacks.

We waited at the border for about an hour, after being asked ridiculous questions by the most serious people you’ve met we were in the states!

First stop? Any of you that know the route from Vancouver to Seattle will know. For those that don’t – outlet shopping!!!

Pulled up at Seattle Premium Outlets and we were off. Nike, Coach, Michael Kors, Sony – you get the point. Lots of big brands at discount prices.

I ended up with heels, leather shorts (yep I’m that girl), Guess leather jeans, black shirt, striped top, crazy wrap skirt thing, MAC lipgloss, and Nine West sandals. Heels were expensive but justifiable coz they’re hot! Haha.

Getting to the hotel was supposed to take us 45mins. Took us easily double that. After the girls decided we didn’t need a GPS we got lost. Well and truly.

Eventually we got to the hotel (super cheap only $75each for 3 nights) and settled in for an early night ready for a big Saturday!





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