Wagamama, Wellington

I’m a fan of Wagamama from Brisbane and was excited to find it sitting on the waterfront!

My brother and I went in for dinner, ad of course, it was fab.

We shared the gyoza and I had the house soup – duck noodles with lot of ginger. It was a great broth, I really enjoyed it.

Will definitely be back!

And I did! Two nights ago I went back and tried the chicken ramen, the broth wasn’t anything to rave about but the chicken was cooked well and there were some nice veggies thrown in.

I also tried the apple cinnamon wontons. I didn’t read the description properly and was quite surprised to find that is was filled with rice – coconut rice. Definitely made for an interesting texture and I’d go so far to say that I think it would be better without it or perhaps if it wasn’t the main ingredient. Still good though. They were kind enough to replace our ice cream with sorbet too which was so good my brother called them back to check that it was sorbet!

As you can tell, everyone was really keen to have their photos taken.







Welly Walks

Having only been in Wellington a little while I’ve been ‘exploring.’ Mainly I just walk around the bays and stop off to eat.

There’s this cute cafe called Chalk I keep trying to get to. Today it was open in my way past but shut again on my way back when I was all excited for a soy chai latte and a little slice or cookie.

Looking at my pics reminds me how much I need to get a new phone, my camera sucks.

Brisbane tomorrow!









AFL came to Wellington on ANZAC day with the Lions facing the Saints.

To start with, I must advise that I am slightly bias. Understatement of the year, I’m totally, utterly bias. I used to work for the Lions. GOOO LIONS!

I think it’s fantastic that St Kilda have the relationship and contract to have a game at the Cake Tin each year. It’s awesome for Wellington Tourism and for the sport.

Anyway the Lions won! WAHOOOO! Tell you what though, that last quarter was a full on nail biting experience! My heart was leaping from my chest. First win of the year and awesome to get the 4 points in the board.

My parents were happy as sitting with the parents of the Lions – I was lucky enough to be gifted tickets by some of the boys for my family and my Dad was loving learning all the rules and insights from the people who know best.

I was even luckier to be sat in the St Kilda lounge. Great food, great wine and great people. I met so many hilarious and fun people that night. I tried to keep neutral in the beginning with my supporting of the Lions but the cat was soon out of the bag, my emotions are on free flow at the games!

We partied the night away after, it was great fun!

Even more exciting, I actually get two Lions games in a row! I’m off to Brisbane on Thursday and will be catching their home game against the Swans.









Best Pho is Wellington!

Hands down the best pho around.

When I tweeted about this place I had a flurry of replies from Wellington locals also saying how great it was.

It looks like your usual Kiwi fish and chip shop from the outside but it’s not. It serves a variety of Vietnamese dishes and is very popular.

You’ll find it on Bond street in Wellington, just off Willis street.

For only $11.50 I had the best pho bo which is a rare beef noodle soup. The beef was perfect and tender, the broth was rich and full of flavour and it came with a full variety of sides. Your usual sprouts and lettuce but also mint, lemon, chilli and two sauces. The serving was generous and I still ate it all because it was so damn good!!


Fisherman's Plate on Urbanspoon

Ti Kouka, Wellington

Snuck out for a quick coffee on my last day at the Majestic Centre.

Really cool venue, hidden away upstairs on Willis Street in Wellington.

Their Chai Latte was different… not so sweet, much more spicy. I had a salted caramel cookie with it – amazing! I would go back just for the cookie. I’ve heard their bread it fairly awesome too.


Ti Kouka Cafe on Urbanspoon

Portofino’s Restaurant and The Library Bar Wellington

Well, these two weren’t on my list but I managed to visit them both anyway!

My mate Ty from uni invited me out for dinner and he chose Portofino’s – who was I to argue?! I love Italian!

I felt bad as I was 5 mins late (got carried away after I found sale flights to Singapore) however I needn’t have as Ty was about 20mins late! Lucky I had the big, beautiful, resident boat, The World to stare at while I waited.

We started with an antipasti platter, I had the house red and Ty a toblerone cocktail. I feel rude not drinking wine with Italian although the cocktail list was tempting. The platter was nice, especially the feta. Probably wouldn’t go to town raving about it but it was nice and good value.

For a main I had the spaghetti marinara with a salsa sauce. It was great, there were lots of fresh mussels in their shell and all throughout the pasta there was baby mussels, calamari and shrimp which places often skimp out on. The sauce wasn’t too heavy, it was lovely. Tyronne had the seafood risotto, which was quite similar to mine but with risotto instead of spaghetti I would say. Both were beautifully presented and the service was lovely. We did get kicked out however after our meals were cleared as they wanted to shut.

We went for a walk along the water and checked out the cruise ship some more. Spectacular. I wish they would have taken me with them.

We ended up cruising along Courtney Place. Ty was keen to kick on but I was pretty tired and not feeling too adventurous (unlike me, right?!) so we decided to head to The Library Bar for a drink. I’d been there briefly before when waiting to get in Chow. What an awesome venue! My photos don’t do anything for it but it has a great vibe. Cosy, dim lit atmosphere with live music and filled with ‘hipster’ types and a rockin’ cocktail list. They had two for one dessert but I was super full.

I had a lovely cocktail – pomegranate, vodka, mint and soda but Ty had the best one! I can’t remember what it was called but it was in a martini glass and second from the bottom on the list of House Cocktails. Delicious.

I’d walked past this place on Tory Street a few times called Checkmate and we decided to see what it was. I had presumed it was a bar/lounge… wrong. So wrong! It is actually a Sauna for gay men. They sell also sorts of ‘enhancers’ and I had a humorous chat with the bloke behind a plastic window in the wall. Now I know…20140423-150544.jpg20140423-150621.jpg20140423-150653.jpg20140423-150640.jpg




Portofino on Urbanspoon

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