Apartment lessons

Living in my current apartment has made me realise a few things. It’s especially made me realise what I miss. Nothing like coming home at 2am excited for reheated pizza or dinner only to realise you don’t have a microwave!

Here’s the top wish list for my next apartment:

  • A patio/ balcony – I love indoor outdoor flow & somewhere I can escape to talk on the phone or just watch life pass by.
  • A couch I can lie on and relax. Also where I can entertain guests. Not that I do any funky couch acts but currently mine is so small it’s awkward to even have a two person convo.
  • A TV – I don’t really watch TV so this came as a surprise to me. I guess I just like the noise?
  • A microwave. Essential in a freezing winter that I’m about to experience. Also when I’m hungover, reheating something in a pot or pan is far too complicated.
  • A pet – okay that’s just a wishful item! I’d love a dog or a cat (that doesn’t smell) to play with, minus the responsibility.
  • And last but not least, an awesome housemate or two! I love company and being around others. Plus I need someone to laugh at my lame jokes.



Happiness is… A banana nutella waffle! Especially when your morning didn’t go so great!

I woke up a little hungover and was craving poached eggs. I make mean poached eggs. Just sayin’. BUT there seems to be something wrong with the eggs here! I swear its not me.

So, no matter how long I boil the eggs for the egg white stays goopy. I don’t get it. And it’s happened twice now! Anyway I was all excited for avo and poached eggs on toast. My eggs screwed up, then I burnt my finger in the water, my avo wasn’t ripe – so I couldn’t even have that on toast so I ended up hungry.

My Flatty Amanda took me to a waffle place she’d seen on Robson Street to cheer me up – happiness ensued! Delicious.




Nero Belgian Waffle Bar on Urbanspoon

Sapporo Sushi – West End

We were searching everywhere for takoyaki (octopus balls) last Monday to no avail. Everywhere was shut or didn’t stock them but Sapporo Sushi did!

Tiny wee place on Robson. We sat outside ad shared the takoyaki and a spider (soft shell crab) roll. Both were delicious. Especially the takoyaki!

A little hard to catch the attention of the waitress who was inside but a nice meal.





Sapporo Sushi on Urbanspoon

Outdoor Cinema – Embracing Summer

I love how Vancouver does Summer. They really embrace it and utilise their outdoor spaces. I presume it’s coz it doesn’t last long but I don’t want to think about that.

Another cool event, literally right on my doorstep, is the Stanley Park outdoor cinema nights.

Tons of people go (it’s free) with their blankets and picnics. They play cards and chat until the sun goes down and at around 9.30 the movie begins.

I love the sense of community it creates – thousands of people congregating in the park on a weekday to watch an old movie.

You won’t go hungry – there are food trucks and promo give aways for miles. From flavoured corn to burgers and donuts it’s definitely worth having your dinner there. If you don’t mind lines.

I love that everyone claps and whistles at kissing scenes and really gets involved. Best place to people watch!

I’ll be back down there for Dirty Dancing in a few weeks!




Three Brits Public House, West End

With such a fantastic location and a busy venue, I expected more.

Service was slow, I actually enquired as to whether they had forgotten our meals.

I chose the cocktail the waitress recommended and was highly disappointed. It looked cute but tasted like off cider.

I ordered the special salad of the day – trout with asparagus and greens. There was barely a fillet of trout, just three little morsels and the dressing was over bearing.

Shame, but perhaps I caught them on an off day.



Three Brits Public House on Urbanspoon

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