Must visit NZ: Makoura Lodge

Makoura Lodge in Apiti, Manawatu, New Zealand is a magical place. Remote, beautiful, Kiwi countryside surrounds the lodge. The grass is green, the valleys deep. Cattle and wildlife scatter the picturesque scenery. The lodge boasts unique country-style accommodation (including a riverside hut!), is an event/conference venue, and has a range of awesome activities to take … Read more

COVID Clusterf%*k | Part Ten

I’ve been back in Brisbane for over 7 weeks now and things are finally coming together. I’m enjoying my house, it feels more homely now it has furniture, people and pups in it. My flatmate and her puppy are lovely company. My friends come and visit. I’ve made a few changes – hello kitchen pendant … Read more

Buying a house from overseas | COVID Clusterf%*k Part Eight

Man. If I had known what a challenge this would be, I’m not sure if I would be in the same scenario I am in now! The background: I’ve been looking at buying a house for years. Each year the goalpost changes as I save more deposit. Each year the house prices also increase. I … Read more

COVID-19 Clusterf%*k Part Seven

Well, it has certainly been an interesting 48 hours. After a short lockdown in NZ approx two weeks ago where Auckland went to Level three and the rest of NZ to level two due to some new cases in Auckland, everything returned more-or-less back to normal. I’ve spent the last week traveling. Auckland and Napier … Read more

COVID-19 Clusterf%*k Part Six

Here’s my personal recount of my experience during COVID-19. I write this so I can look back on it in the future and think wow, that sh*t was cray. I am so, so pleased it never happened again. It’s been a while since the last update! Sh*t’s been cray and we fell into a regular … Read more

LaBella Nails & Lashes | Christchurch

LaBella Nails & Lashes | Christchurch What a beautiful and luxe, salon environment! I’m a huge fan of relaxing at beautiful salons and LaBella fits that to a tee. Not only is the salon stunning, but there’s also no smell due to their use of organic and vegan products. I hate that smell when I … Read more

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