CHANEL, luxury pampering in Brisbane CBD

Did you know that CHANEL offers facials?! AND, that there is a CHANEL beauty room at Myer in Brisbane? I didn’t. And damn I was excited when I found out and was invited to visit!

I had the absolute pleasure of being pampered by a CHANEL specialist, Mellissa. She welcomed me and led me into a private room behind the makeup counters labelled Espace Beaute. She had a charisma and charm that immediately made me feel relaxed and comfortable with her.

Mellissa analysed my skin and talked me through how I could improve some issues I had found of late. She was helpful and considerate. We discussed the different CHANEL skin products and chose what I would have during my treatment. Hydration and exfoliation come at me!

What happened next, I can barely remember. I was completely and utterly relaxed with the dim lighting, soft music, wrapped up and pampered by Mellissa. There was cleansing, serums and toning, masks and exfoliation.

I even had a hand massage while the mask was on. It was absolute bliss. In fact I was so blissed out, Mellissa practically had to wake me at the end of the treatment.

If you spend $100 on products at CHANEL, they are redeemable for a facial treatment or makeup application. There are only six CHANEL specialists in QLD and they are often en route to Sydney to Chanel’s Australian HQ for training on new products, techniques and innovations in the skincare industry so you’ll need to book in advance. Believe me though, it’s worth the wait!

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