Weekend combo update

I’m wayyyy behind on my weekend updates. And by wayyyy behind, I mean the last two. So you’re getting a combo. That’s right, two weekends, one blog post! Boom!

So the weekend before last began with dinner at Matteo’s in Fitzroy. Awesome place, I highly recommend going there. Not only was dinner fantastic but Matteo himself joined us for a quick drink after our fantastic meal. Next thing you know it’s 2am! We had some others join us and Matteo shut the restaurant while we all kicked back and enjoyed the company. We had a fantastic time! Afterwards we headed to St Kilda for a boogie then home to bed. Late. Or early.

Saturday was the AFL grand final. My first grand final in Australia! I’ve always been out of the country, it was great to enjoy the festivities in Melbourne. I met the girls at Holliva in Richmond where we drank a few jugs of punch and smashed some pork (on a spit!!) burgers. We cabbed to South bank and watched the flocks of fans past by from a restaurant patio. An early evening was had after the big night before!

Sunday, Fred & Sammy picked me up for brunch but it was so late (2pm) we had to have the lunch menu at Phamish in St Kilda. Lunch was long and we wandered down to Riva to watch the sunset and have some cocktails and snacks. That turned into dinner at the Pier Port Melbourne. There goes Sunday! But what a great way to spend it.

Last weekend was much quieter. Lisa and I chilled Friday night and met Cheena for a cabaret in Port Melbourne. It was part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival and involved a variety of acts. My fave was the silks performer. The girl was stunning and I was in awe of her aerial skills. We hit the beach… Well, the pier in Port Melbourne and just lay down to watch the clouds and pass time after lunch.

Saturday night we headed out in Fitzroy but it wasn’t really for us. I did however find an amazing cocktail at the Alchemist. It literally came with a shot of crackle lollies!! The ones that pop in your mouth. The alchemist wins cocktails.

Sunday was brunch at Einsteins Relative in South Yarra where I’ve also been meaning to go for ages. Fantastic brunch menu and almond milk – whoop! We explored Fitzroy markets and shops afterwards then crashed at home, exhausted from another weekend





















Lauren’s visit: Saturday

We had a nice sleep in then grabbed brunch at the hotel cafe. Surprisingly my Accor card meant I received $50% off all food with the chain – who knew?! Brunch was delish, I had the corn fritters which had a Thai flair and added a poached egg. Yum.

We checked out, wandered around the shops while I got my phone fixed (yes I finally broke the screen after dropping it 1,000 times) then trammed back to South Yarra so I could show Lauren my hood.

I had to do a presentation for a client so I got busy while Lauren shopped Chapel. She came back elated with her purchases, she found a pair of shoes she’d been eyeing up online for four months.

All Blacks were playing so we headed to my usual Sunday local to watch the rugby with Sophie, our friend from high school in NZ. I managed a cider and just bout bit off my nails in the final minutes of the last half while the boys were struggling to hold back the South African Team. I took a selfie of the bar that I think clearly demonstrates the emotions that were flying around, everyone has wide eyes, hand in hair or on face & nobody even noticed me take it. Intense!

We changed then started in Prahran at Fog for a drink then over to Boutique where we arrived a little too early at 11pm. By 1am when we left it had filled up. A short stop at Electric Lady Land to say hello to the boys we had met the night before, then over to The Emerson to meet my friend Nikita. The Emerson was packed as had a good DJ on, we danced and had a brilliant time!





Weekend Past

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Another bigger weekend has just past for me!

I had the St Kilda Football Club Best and Fairest on Saturday night at the Crown Palladium which was an absolute blast. I wore a beautiful red dress and I even got a spray tan.

Two of the five that we were heading in with were late to arrive and so we had to walk in amongst nearly 1,000 people to find our table. Not ideal. However once we were seated we had a great time, I knew most of the other people on our table and Billy Longer who is now with the Saints but was with Brisbane Lions when I was there, was right by me so I spent the entire night switching tables catching up with him and meeting some of the other younger Saints players.

We went upstairs to Club 23 at Crown where there was a VIP area for guests of the club. We partied the night away and before I knew it we were on our way to Boutique in South Yarra for some more dancing. We partied on and I got home at a ridiculous time.

Saturday I spent the morning recovering then met my good friend, Lisa for a picnic in the park to enjoy some sunshine! We grabbed some sushi and coconut water and lazed around on a towel before catching the All Blacks game at mine then going to The Serve for Indian. Brilliant Indian. I retired home to watch the footy finals and for an early night.

Sunday I was quite keen to stay in but Annabelle wanted to watch the footy at the bar. We tried out three bars in Richmond before giving up and heading back to our usual Sunday spot, College Lawn. I wasn’t feeling great so only had a couple of ciders and went home early.

Turned out not feeling great on Sunday escalated to a full blown chest infection come Monday and meant I spent the entire day in bed feeling absolutely spent on Tuesday. Now Wednesday I think I’m on the up!











The Serve, best Indian in South Yarra!

After walking into another Indian restaurant further up Toorak Road and gagging from the smell, I decided to head back to a restaurant I had been told was the best around by my friend, Ru and her husband, Dave.

Thank goodness we did! Lisa and I ordered the butter chicken to share, two naans and a rice.

I must admit it did take a while for the food to come out but good things take time, right?

We were worried when the butter chicken came as it did look a little small but to our surprise with the naan and the rice we could barely even finish it all! Eyes bigger than our stomachs I suppose.

The naan, oh the naan! It was a damn good garlic naan. Soft and fluffy with just the right amount of garlic. Delicious.

The waiters were very attentive, looking after my always-empty water glass.

Highly recommend for when those curry cravings come along!



Little India Bistro & Tandoor on Urbanspoon

The Dumpling Table, South Yarra

A friend and I stumbled here last night as it ticked off the two prerequisites we had: dumplings & BYO. Plus is was right by our apartments.

We ordered the pork steamed dumpling, the chicken and prawn dumplings in soup and steamed beef dumplings too.

Everything was good but the pork dumplings were awesome!! For only $9 you get 15!! Super cheap and delicious.

Great for a place to grab a bite and enjoy some wines before town!


UPDATE** Nov 2018 and I still love visitng dumpling table for veges and dumplings!




The Dumpling Table Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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