Vancouver Day 6

i was up early and in Kits for some business meetings. I met with my good friend Sunny and Tim for breakfast where we had awesome discussions about the future of food.  Tim drove me to EA Games where my friend’s brother gave me an awesome tour. I was really lucky to get in and … Read more

Vancouver Day 5 

Soo I’m about two weeks behind here but I’ll try remember!  We worked until check out then drove back from Harison Hot Springs to White Rock where we were hoping for some oysters. No luck – there was a red tide which had wiped them all out! Had some awesome mussels and tuna though.  Back … Read more

Vancouver, Day 4

Started the day with a buffet brekfast. Met the most hilarious omelette making man ever. Not that I’ve met others to compare him to…. I had planned to take the day off work but Yvette had something urgent come up so we ended up working most of the day.  Later in the arvo we took … Read more

Vancouver, Day 3

I was up early and ready for Yvette to pick me up for our road trip to Harisson Hot Springs except, Yvette, true to character was late.  We went by a Farmers Market so I could investigate for work then Yvette’s so she could pack while I made a caprese salad then we hit the … Read more

Vancouver, Day 2

It’s like the breakfast holiday so far! Amanda cooked me one of the most amazing breakfast I have had in my life. Fresh croissants, sautéed onions & mushrooms, poached eggs and a béarnaise sauce with truffle oil. Truffle oil! So essentially, an eggs benne on steroids!  Next up? My first attempt at riding a bike … Read more

Vancouver, Day 1

I feel like I have slipped back in to my old life. With the click of a finger (or rather a flight over the pacific) I’m back with all my old friends, in my old neighbourhood, eating at my old fave food spots.  Back story here for those who aren’t regular readers, I lived in … Read more

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