Yolk, East Hastings, Vancouver

My last day in Vancouver, hangover as can be, Ka Lei & Kieran took me to Yolk where I’ve wanted to go for AGES. Oh my goodness it was delicious! I ordered the special of the day, pork belly with poached egg and hollandaise sauce with a side of lemon truffled potatoes. And an extra … Read more

Vancouver leaving party

I flew back from Vegas, exhausted and needing a nap. However I can’t nap when there’s things to do. So instead I unpacked and repacked my three suitcases so they would be ready the next day then ran around like a headless chook getting ready for my leaving party! Jay made yummy gourmet pizzas and … Read more

Busy of late

Well, I’ve been busy of late. I flew from Vegas after three days of partying back to Vancouver for my leaving party. I said goodbye to all my friends (at least those who came to my leaving party) then flew back to NZ the next day after a delicious breakfast at Yolks. Back in New … Read more

Chill Winston, Gastown

Awesome venue, great service, shame about the food. I was pretty excited to eat here. I ordered the stuffed prunes and the pasta of the day which was a house made spaghetti with a tomato base sauce and prawns. The prunes were delicious. The prawns were delicious but the pasta was a massive fail. It … Read more

The last two weeks

I haven’t blogged much recently, reason being my last two weeks have been my last two weeks in Vancouver and I have been flat out! Between arranging everything to leave, working my ass off with huge work days to get everything complete and trying to see all my friends life has certainly kept me on … Read more

Last weekend in BC

To celebrate my last weekend in Vancouver, I left. Haha I ended up in Whistler with three of my fave people, Jay, Ka Lei & Kieran. We hired an apartment (no small feat when it’s a long weekend and you’re booking last minute) in the village for Saturday and Sunday night – yay for Family … Read more

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