How & Where to Party in St Martin like a Pro

While it looks like a relaxing tropical paradise (and it certainly is), St Martin is also party central! Those Caribbeans certainly know how to have a good time.

We literally had not even left the luggage collection point when a promoter approached us with free entry and bar tickets for two of the clubs. There’s always something going on.

There’s happy hours every which way you look on the island but all the clubs are in Maho. So if you want to just party, I suggest you stay around there. I met some girls who go there every year just to party! A cab from Simpson Bay is approx. $15-20USD each way, unfortunately the buses stop running late.

You don’t want to even think about going out to the clubs until after 11pm. They don’t even open until then. We went out at 12am and nothing really picked up until approximately 1am. When it did pick up though, it was awesome! The music pumps and it’s Caribbean party time!

Here’s my ideas of where to go to party in St Martin:
Tuesday nightSoggy Dollar Bar
Wednesday nightTantra
Thursday night3 Amigo’s
Friday & Saturday night – anywhere in Maho or Simpson Bay goes. Dirty Sanchez and Sky Bar are popular.
Sunday night – Sunset Beach Bar for an afternoon pool party session

Jab Jab’s party boat was super fun, a shuttle boat leaves from Simpson Bay between the Simpson Bay Suites and Royal Palm Hotel. There’s a sign on the sand and a the ferry takes you over to the boat where the music is pumping and the drinks are flowing! There was a huge amount of locals on the boat as well as a few tourists. Other boats pull up, there’s a BBQ and a dance floor with a DJ rockin’ out the tunes – what more could you want?! Great place for sunset cocktails and pre drinks before the clubs.

Ladies (Men too I bet) I’m sure you’ll be happy to know there’s a lot to swipe through on Tinder! There’s a large doctor’s college on the island with a steady flow of American students ready and willing to party every night. They’re a great local source of knowledge for where to go and where to eat too. That’s how I found out about the boat party.

So pack your party clothes and get ready to drink that rum punch, baby!

Las Vegas, Day 2

A big night out deserves a big sleep in, so that’s just what we did. 

We then found the tacos place where we had lunch from the day before and had Mexican eggs… They were pretty average to be honest. 

Pool party time! 

Holy shitballs. Nothing could have prepared me for how freaking cool these things are!!! 

We had guest list for Encore Beachclub, so we skipped the line and payment. I was blown away by what it was like inside!! People everywhere, drinking, swimming, dancing, partying. 

What was incredibly cool was that everyone embraced their bodies. There were all body types and sizes there and everyone was confident and happy in the sunshine. All be girls have makeup on and heels, all looking amazing. 

They had a fantastic bag check system. All your valuables go in a sealed bag, that’s then put in a bag with your other bags and a plastic wristlet (like what you get for festivals) is attached to you and only cut off once you have all your items back. Was liberating not to have our bags and phones and swim when we pleased, not worrying about the security of our items. 

Drinks weren’t cheap, Bud beer was $12 (in an awesome aluminium bottle – why don’t Aus do this?) and vodkas were $20 plus tip. In saying that, one vodka was more like 3 due to free pour! It was hectic. I had a blast. 

Tommy Trash DJd the set most of the day, everyone just went crazy. There’s 4 big parts to the pool and the whole place is surrounded by cabanas and private areas across two levels. How I wished I was VIP there! 

The sun was streaming down on us but we weren’t burnt at all.

We went for burgers (blue cheese for me) and garlic chips and I walked home while the girls stayed on for more drinks – I’d had more than enough! I took an hour nap which turned into 10 hours sleep! The girls came home from the pub and crashed so that was our last night in Vegas.


Ham Party!

Everyone loves a Christmas ham, and lucky for me, my work (Wiley) gifted each employee a ham and bottle of wine for Christmas. They really are generous employers.

I only had a few days to eat the ham before I flew out to NZ for Christmas so I decided to have a ham party!

I decorated the yard, invited a bunch of my close friends and had the Christmas music (much to everyone’s disgust) blaring. Starting with cheese boards, homemade hummus by the legendary Kim and my fave guac by the lovely Lisa we had drinks outside while the ham cooked inside.

I glazed the ham with pineapple and brown sugar (thanks mum for the recipe) and I must say it turned out pretty well! Served with an Asian slaw in buns and beef sausages for those who didn’t eat pork, (cough Daran & Lisa) everyone was pretty full by the time I bought out dessert hush consisted of fruit kebabs and watermelon.

We had a fantastic time, so much so that two of the boys crashed (isn’t Mates Motel a great ad campaign by the govt?!) for the night and two out of the four carloads that drove needed to get a ride with the others!

We had lots of fun, partied from 3-midnight and consumed much of the ham – happy days!!













Rad Birthday Night

Had my birthday dinner and party on Friday night – surpassed my expectations!

I have such a great group of friends here in Canada and those who could turned out in force.

We started at Lux Lounge for dinner and drinks. About 15 of us maybe? Food was a little on the small side and they ran out of about half the menu but otherwise great service.

Jay surprised me with cupcakes and sparklers, in the pic you’ll see I look like I’m turning 7, not 27 I’m so excited!

Lux Lounge shouted me this amazing drink, basically they turned a whole heap of bottles upside down and on top of each other with alcohol hidden in between them and then lit on fire -looked awesome.

Around 11 we headed to Cabana for dancing, we lost some of the group and gained others. What a night! Lots of dancing, lots of friends and too many shots! Even had champagne poured down our throats on the dance floor.

Stumbled in for avocado on toast at 4am but not before I made Jay hail us a cab for the last three blocks coz my feet were killing me and I couldn’t go any further! Cost $10 but well worth it.













Long weekend – who knew?!

So this weekend was a long weekend. I had no idea!

If I knew I would have organised something. As it was I ended up working Monday anyway.

Friday started with drinks with the work ladies, 2 jugs of sangria later I was we’ll in my way for a good night. I had Jay, Merica and Heather over for drinks then we headed out. Was supposed to be a club VIP launch night but it was just guest list. One of the girls didn’t love the vibe so we didn’t even stay for a drink we just headed straight to Cabana.

Cabana was fun as always and we danced the night away. No idea what time I got home? 3am maybe?

Saturday I went shopping, I went to Victoria’s Secret and came out with 6 items 🙂 I love that place. I bought a top and some jewellery then met Maeghan for a coffee. We ended up heading back to mine so I could give her a bday gift and I cooked her fettuccine carbonara for dinner. Talked on the phone to my parents, watched a movie with Scott chewing on lollies and suddenly it was 2am and I missed my early night in.

Sunday I slept till 11, without waking! I was happily surprised. Next thing I knew Jay was over and we were an hour late for the Veuve Cliquot brunch, which started at 2pm.

It was a ticketed event, $30pp and included welcome champagne and brunch. Parlour did an awesome job with the food and staff and CanThrill did an amazing job with the event. It was sold out, full of happy people sculling Veuve & Grey Goose from the bottle. I love events like that, 4pm felt like 1am and I had lots of fun.

We ended up going to dinner at Global for dinner, the Chefs special which was one of the best meals I’ve had in Van. Rare rib eye, lobster, prawns it was perfect. Prob could have appreciated it more if it wasn’t for my drunken state.

With the intention of going out we headed back to SKLAs for some drinks but we all became lazy and Jay and I rocked home about 12.30am.

Poor Jay had a fever come on overnight and was sick as by morning so I spent the day tending to her needs while she watched movies, the good housewife that I am. I made veggie soup, dispensed pharmaceutical drugs, got coconut water and lemons etc.

In the arvo I sat down to work until mid evening then went to bed early and read.

All in all it turned out to be a great long weekend!







Vancouver Halloween

I love how they really get into the Halloween spirit around here. From pumpkin picking to decorating, food and dressing up there’s always something to see.

Apartment owners and restaurants get into the spirit, many of them are dressed up. We mucked around with masks at work too.

Halloween night I went to the Cabana Masquerade party. It was fun but the best part was walking around Granville! With the road closed off there were swarms of people all dressed up as anything you could think of. I could have just sat there and watched them for hours. I would have actually, except it was a school night so I was home by 1 in order to be sprightly at work the next day.









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