1154 Pastaria, Wellington – Fresh Pasta Daily!

I was so, so stoked to find 1154 Pastaria in Wellington on Cuba Street. I looove fresh pasta. Not fancy, not expensive, just fresh and delicious. I havenโ€™t been able to find any yet in NZ so you can imagine my excitement. I was super happy to come across a place that does not only … Read more

Kamo Kamo Soup (Kumi Kumi)

Kamo Kamo Soup | Kamo Kamo or Kumi Kumi is a New Zealand vegetable that is kind of like zucchini (courgette) crossed with squash or pumpkin. Fortunately for us in lockdown, they are thriving in the garden and growing non-stop. And they’re massive! We usually boil them and they taste like melting butter. Delicious. Just … Read more

Delicious steak at Bakehouse Steakhouse, Ipswich

Will drive 49 minutes for steak…. Well to Bakehouse Steakhouse in Ipswich anyway – it’s totes worth it. My friend Bolliwood, who used to live in Ipswich had heard rumors about a great steak restaurant there. So we drove from Brisbane to check out Bakehouse Steakhouse and see what the fuss was about. It was … Read more

Mosconi – Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

We were all really excited to eat some pasta this weekend as after the holiday season we’ve been attempting to be less indulgent to save our figures. After looking at a few options for Italian dining around Brisbane we settled on Mosconi in Fortitude Valley. The three of us arrived at the restaurant and oddly … Read more

Beirne Lane Dining – Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

My friend invited me to join her for lunch at Beirne Lane, in the Fortitude Valley Mall. I didn’t expect much, to be honest. It’s been a while since I have been in the mall and it just reminds me of being drunk and eating cheeseburgers in my early 20’s after raging nights at The … Read more

Ripiena, True Italian Pasta In Brisbane

I crave pasta more than I care to admit. Thankfully for my waistline, Brisbane has been lacking in an Italian pasta joint at mid-range prices for quite some time. Ripiena in Fortitude Valley to the rescue!! Hands down some of the best pasta I have ever had in Australia, if not the best!! So, we … Read more

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